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Agency agreement



1.1You have full capacity for civil rights and civil conduct. If you are under 18, you may use our services only with involvement of a parent or guardian.

1.2You understand the Internet, computer related services, and familiar with our agent model, product service content, specific business process and other related information. We will review and confirm the above contents and decide whether to grant you the agency qualification.

1.3After negotiation and based on the principle of mutual benefit and reciprocity, you have applied for Gathernames agency services and signed this agreement upon our preliminary verification of eligibility.

1.4Under certain circumstances, you must ensure that your direct customers are aware of the products and services which are provided by Gathernames. However, this section does not relieve you from the obligation to provide necessary services to your direct customers under the provisions (including but not limited to the provisions of this agreement).

1.5While you have the agency rights, also you shall be bound by the terms of this agreement, the user service agreement and the individual service agreement.

1.6This agreement aims to establish a distribution system of products or services between the parties to ensure that the quality of our products and services sold or provided by you is authentic and the channels are legal.

1.7You are responsible for the distribution of our services such as domain name registration transactions to the direct customers, as well as other services we may carry out during the term of this agreement.


2.1 You understand and know that the agency fee is a one-time fee paid to us by you for the franchise to use our services, technology, operation mode, domain name related information and other rights according to this agreement, and is non-refundable according to the nature of the fee and industry practice.

2.2 You can customize the website style, including but not limited to website name, title, description, link, LOGO, customer service QQ, phone, add website statistics.

2.3 You can conduct member inquiry and management, support real-time view of commission details for each order, and accurately calculate the number of orders and commission amount.

2.4 You can invite the agent and get the corresponding commission. At the same time, you understand and guarantee not to sell or transfer the agency account at will, otherwise we have the right to cancel the agency qualification according to the seriousness of the situation.

2.5 Your agency shall not damage our overall market image or engage in any other activities that may damage our interests.

2.6 You may use the words "Gathernames" identifying agents and the unified identification, and you shall not carry out advertising and commercial activities in the name of our" regional agent "or" general agent "or other monopolistic, exclusive and other names without our authorization in writing.

It shall not have "Gathernames" in any substantive connection with you, and your agent platform shall not have such words as "Gathernames" which may be misinterpreted as our company or our branch company.

You are not allowed to do anything that may cause misunderstanding or confusion, the affiliated company or other substantial related units, etc.

Once discovered, we have the right to ask you to rectify immediately. If the agent platform does not cooperate, we have the right to cancel its agent qualification or claim compensation for the loss caused to us by its behavior.

2.7 Your use of the site's proxy services will be governed by this agreement and all applicable local, state, national/regional and international laws, regulations and rules. If you and your clients violate relevant laws, regulations and policies, you shall be solely responsible. If any loss is caused to us, you should bear all legal liability and compensate us for the loss.

2.8 Within the term of validity or upon termination or rescission of this agreement, you undertake not to provide any information or business information related to our business, technology, product prices or other relevant information to any enterprise, commercial organization or organization that has formed a business competition with us, otherwise you will bear the corresponding legal and criminal responsibilities.

2.9 Agents shall not engage in vicious competition or other unfair competition.

2.10 If you do not conform to the norms or violate the agent's reputation and purpose, or violate this agreement, and cause serious damage to the customer or us, we have the right to cancel its agent qualification, investigate its legal liability and terminate this agreement.


3.1We provide you with complete after-sales service, but you establish an agreement with the customer in your own name and bear the responsibility for the agreement independently. We do not establish a service agreement with your customers.

3.2We have the right to adjust the agent permissions, agent price and commission income according to the needs of business development and inform you in time (generally in the form of our platform dynamic page, agent management page or agent groups). In case of any change in agency interest or price, the information published on our official website shall prevail.

3.3We provide agents with technical service support and training which aim to improve the technical ability and broaden your business scope.

3.4We are only liable to you for the loss caused by our fault. The liability shall be limited to the actual loss incurred between the parties.

3.5 For disputes, losses, torts and liabilities for breach of contract between you and your customers, you and the customer shall solve them together.

3.6 During the term, if you violate the rules of our platform agent management pages and the responsibilities or obligations stipulated in this agreement, We have the right to close your agent authority, and the franchise fee is not refundable. If any damage to our company's reputation or economic loss is caused to our interests in all aspects, we shall have the right to unilaterally terminate this agreement and require you to make full compensation.


4.1This agreement is effective as of the date on which Gathernames sends you a notice under this Agreement stating that you have successfully activated your agent account.

4.2In the event of the termination of this agreement for any reason whatsoever:

4.2.1the user principal qualification does not exist or disappear;

4.2.2used the agency services in a way that poses a security or system stability risk to the gathenames Platform or any third party;

4.2.3 breached the Terms;

4.2.4 engaged in any fraudulent, deceptive or unlawful act, or

4.2.5 any other acts which violate laws, regulations and industry regulations.


5.1This Agreement is governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong.

5.2The Parties shall at all times seek to resolve by negotiation any disputes arising out of this agreement.

5.3If any dispute cannot be resolved by the Parties mentioned above, either party shall have the right to take a lawsuit to the courts of HONGKONG.


6.1This Agreement and the Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and Gathernames with respect to and governs the use of the agency services, superseding any prior written or oral agreements in relation to the same subject matter herein.

6.2The rules on agency management and supplementary terms to this agreement are integral parts of this agreement and have the equal legal effect.


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